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Who are we?

CellulaREvolution is an exciting pre-spin out company from Newcastle University lead by Professor Che Connon and Dr Martina Miotto.


Together we have  identified a significant and unique commercial opportunity in the well-established markets of biologics, the rapidly developing market in cellular medicine, the emerging market of cellular agriculture, (clean meat) and research consumables


The prospective company has high expertise in the designing and testing of self-assembling peptides providing different benefits when culturing adherent cells in vitro. At the moment we can offer three different peptides which are able to:

  1. Offer serum free expansion of adherent cells
  2. Increase ECM  production including highly ordered collagen scaffolds
  3. Provide a unique platform for the controlled detachment of cells

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Markets in which we operate


Biologics produced from adherent cells is  a billion dollar industry. Their demand is rapidly increasing. Our technology offers companies a simple but disruptive means to produce biologics such as viral vectors in a cheap and highly scalable manner. Our coating technology is compatible with all known bioreactors.


Clean Meat

Clean meat is known as an area of high growth potential as it requires far less land and water than conventional meat, will produce exponentially less climate change, and eliminates the severe environmental repercussions of animal waste and contamination via runoff. It also requires no antibiotics, produces no bacterial contamination, and will not harm animals.

However, despite its great promise scaling up cellular meat production is a considerable and costly cell culture hurdle for these companies. A small steak will contain 10 billion adherent cells and using traditional batch processes could take a single bioreactor 1 month to produce, our biotechnology company could shorten that to a few days. 

Research Consumables

Our coatings also enable serum free culture of cells. Typically a 20% increase in cell number over 5 days is achieved.

Other forms of peptides can stimulate extra cellular protein production including collagen. We are also  able to produce collagen scaffolds with tuneable levels of hierarchical arrangements. 

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Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK